2021 Waterproof Cell Phone Bike Case Bag Phone Holder Bike Motorcycle electric vehicle Mount Accessories

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Specially designed for your iPhone 8 plus, fit all 7inch and under 7inch phone ,isolate your phone from dirt, dust, dust storms, water, rain and snow
* Versatile waterproof bike case, fashion design, high quality, brand new, all protective case available for iPhone. Easy to put
on and easy to take off.
* High quality bicycle mount holder is an excellent way to mount your iPhone on your Bike, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Scooters.
Withstand road shock and vibrations on bumpy trails at High Speed.
* You can operate your phone fluently when your phone in the case, With full access to your iPhone touch screen, feel free to use your Navigation System in your phone while your are cycling.Reinforced mounting bracket with 360 degree rotation,

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